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World Health Access (WHA) provides products, services, end-to-end solutions in support of public health and wellness.

WHA recently launched the first-ever the first-ever COVID-19 vaccination verification booklet and card, called the VAX Passbook and Health Novuspass Card.

Together, with the accompanying VAXFi app, the VAX Passbook and Novuspass Card use patented technology to help you maintain all on your COVID-19 tests and vaccination records in a completely safe and secure system, whereby only you and Authorized Administrators (with your permission) will see or retrieve your information.


HBS Creates Solutions for Better Outcomes and Efficiency

Meet your patients’ unique needs and enhance your healthcare delivery with stellar interactive access solutions, and on the go payment solutions, that keep patient-time productive and efficient.

Use Location Based Human Logistic (LBHL)

To learn where to get vaccinations, and use predictive models for automatic diagnosis and detection, via the VAX GPS app. It helps to find the first available (vaccination) appointments at the closest locations.

LBHL Help improve patient outcomes

Prevent chronic diseases and improve patient outcomes. Analyzing patient-generated data, (diagnostics) can help predict disorders like diabetes or heart disease.

Interactive Access & Healthcare Delivery Enhancement

Disease prevention and diagnosis is made easier with big data analysis and machine learning.

LBHL To Enhance tests or diagnosis

Analyze the results of tests or diagnosis to adjust the intended treatment plan and to mitigate risks like adverse reactions or side effects of medications.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics tools help to identify high-risk patients and predict their future outcomes. Make personalized predictions and treatment plans reducing the risk for hospitalization. Choose how you would like to receive your results.

World Health Access (WHS) offers Peace-Of-Mind, automated, secure data retrieval by approved administrators and agents that foster privacy while enabling efficiency in (COVID testing and vaccination) data access to enable growth of business and the economy.

The Industries We Serve

Patented Innovation & Technology Products and Services

The patented RCM and Biometric technologies ensure privacy, safety and security by encrypting personal information; programmed to only be accessed by Authorized Administrators such as Employers, Educators, Government Agencies, Travel, Medical, Healthcare, Authorities, for example.

The VAX Passbook

It’s similar to a passport but with proprietary Reel Code Media (RCM) Technology.

The Health Novuspass Car

Similar to a credit card but with proprietary Biometric fingerprint technology on the card.